vrijdag 30 december 2011

He's no lady!

picture by Armin Morbach

While i was walking down the street, i noticed something. There, at the busstation, hung a beautiful poster. Representing for HEMA, a gorgeous girl was showing an outfit. While i was walking , and got closer, i read the name under it.. Andrej Pejic? That's no girl!

Andrej Pejic is an androgyn guy. Androgens don't feel like only woman, or only men. They stay in the middle of it. For example this beautiful man i saw on the poster. He's one of the most famous international fashion models these days. Andrej Pejic is a man, and walked some fashion shows for men-fashion shows, (for example Jean Paul Gaultier), and also for womans collections.

So lately he has been seen in the Netherlands, for HEMA. That kinda surprised me, because it isn't a store where much people buy fashion. It's more a cheap store, with all kinds of goods. From food till home requirements till clothes.

In the advertisement Andrej Pejic shows the 'mega push-up bra'. Because Andrej Pejic is still a guy, i found it a little weird. Because on the posters and pictures Andrej Pejic has boobs! So this really must be a wonder bra.. from zero to.. a B or C cup?

I putted the naked picture in it.. so u can compare. Im still mindblowed.
I think Andrej Pejic defines real beauty. He just works with what he has, and seems happy with that.He's not afraid of being him. I really respect that..

Here some pictures, first his manly side..

Apropos, spring-summer 2010

Martyn bal, fall/winter 2010 by Richard Stow

But who says men can't dress better than woman? To give the world some prove, ill show you a few pictures from a few shoots this stunner did..

Im totally in love with this last look.. The theatrale dress, in combination with those killer heels, perfect!

I think it´s beautiful how he changes his face expression. In the men pictures, he really gives it a boyish look. Meantime, in the female pictures he totally works his feminine side.. Gorgeous!
So what do you think of Andrej Pejic?

donderdag 24 november 2011

Release me

What if the primark didn't exist. Seriously. It's such an release. I'm a student now, and to be honest, i don't have that much money. So primark saves me every time if i wanna buy some new clothes.
With their everlasting bargains, their common fashion sense, and their to-drool-over heels, how can humans possibly get bored?
Last time i went there, i bought this skirt, for only 3 euro's ! i thought the price tag was lying, but when i came at the cash desk they really only asked for 3. AWESOME!
I also bought these pink feathered earrings i really like..
Tell me what u think! (:

Sorry for the crappy quality. I don't know what's wrong with my camera today..
The last two pics are the the real collors of the skirt.. Stupid camera.

Today i was walking with this outfit on, through the hallways of university. Then some girl asked me if she please could take a photograph for her fashionblog cus i was looking 'so nice'.
So i was not only blinding innocent people with these bright collors, i was also enjoying them.. Well good to know! Thankyou miss Deedee!

How do you guys feel about collors? Because i kind off have the feeling that they're so rare these days. Lately i was walking through the school and all i saw was black, grey, and other dark collors. I mean, everyone has it's off days.. But do you have to wear black all the time? I would get mental!
Well, please leave so comments and tell me what u think (:

maandag 3 oktober 2011

land of the stupid, home of the brave

Hey everyone! Sorry that it has been so long ago that i posted something..
Pff i just started studying on a new school, and its so hectic, crowdy, noisy, new, interesting, and busy.Well, the studying is just waaay too much. I also
moved in to another city, and have my own space now. Though i do really miss my family sometimes, especially my little sister. I live in a house with 3 girls now, and thats always cozy. Ill take some pictures of my new room later, i think it became really pretty after the painting and fixing (:

The new school is just about lots of homework, presentations, 2 meter thick books, and a school where u can walk hours before u find the classes.
But i like the study, so we ll see what happens..
So i hope that i can find time in the near weeks, so that
i can post something fun or interesting here again, and till then
u have to be satisfied with this lookbook picture (:

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Who is frank?

Last week at the Amsterdam International Fashion week, there was a new fashion brand introduced. All dutchies and important people heared the name 'Frank'.
They only heared it was gonna be the most promissing new brand, a must-see.
So all the rich, glamour people gathered, to watch this new show, expecting something very unique, especially with a high price.

The show starts, Dutch models come out, pretty outfits, nothing very outstanding though, except the last outfit...
The last outfit, definitely a showstopper, is a pretty long white dress.
The model walks all down the runway, and stoppes. Two emblems on her dress become visible, saying... ZEEMAN!

For the Not-Dutchies under us, Zeeman is the cheapest store in the whole country. Nobody buys clothes there, cus it are prices like H&m with sale, but then the clothes are mostly way uglier.

So all the rich people are so shocked. Only 7 people who made the brand know of the ultimate goal, namely, they wanted to show that fashion doesn't have to be expensive, to be fashion.

Here u can see a little movie of 'the making of' and the shocked faces in the end, and shocked everyone saying: ZEEMAN?!

Here some more pictures of the clothes. What do you think. Does it look like a cheap brand or a promising new designer?


maandag 4 juli 2011

oh wat voelen we ons vandaag toch een indiaan.

u guys got lookbook? (: i didnt post that much looks .. but
im planning to upload some more!
please hype!

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

zondag 12 juni 2011

If it can lick, it can bite

So i went out with mum for a walk .. Totally unaware of all the dangers in the big angry world.. We were just walking and..
You know what kind of killer-animal we came across?

He didn't leave and cuddled my leg the whole time haha!
i'm wondering what he is thinking.. probably something like
'Yeah i know im cute. stop taking pictures and stroke me.'
You sarcastic bastard.

So i finally have vacation now, after months of hard work. Well, officially i don't,cus we still don't know if we passed our exams, but whatever. I spend my time not on school.
So i decided that it was time to clean up my closet. I always like doing that. I hate cleaning up though, but my closet is always fun. Sometimes you just lose overview, and forget things you have. Well, at least i do >< So i started cleaning up, and found...
*drum roll*

A skirt! (: This skirt i haven't worn in like.. 3 or 4 years! I was kinda suprised it still fits. But it did. I decided to wear it with my vintage blazer i bought in amsterdam, and some lace tights,my black studded heels, and a random black top from h &m ..

Do you always have the same problem? You forget some clothing pieces and wear them later? Is your closet a big mess? And last... u like my skirt? (:

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

hit me with lightning

Oh it is so long ago that i posted something. im sorry guyss!
School really consumed all my time. But finally.. vacation!
So i went out in the sun, in my new maxi skirt, what u think?
Mine is from H& M . It really is a relief, this long skirt.
You do not have to worry anymore about what you sometimes have with short skirts, these long version does not show your underwear.
It is very comfy.
The big hat was not intended, but my mom actually made me wear it xd

Here some examples of these maxi skirts i really like
(: i do not own any of these pictures

I really love this one, the see-through maxi skirt. It looks so romantic, and classy, but with a little punk, edgyness in it. Oh i wanna have her skirt.

So do you like maxi-skirts? Do you have one?
What's your favorite picture?

zondag 8 mei 2011

Keep on shining

If you talk about the prettiest girls in the world,you can include the lovely Russian model Natalia Vodianova.
Natalia Vodianova, used to be a poor girl who sold fruit at the market, to get her mother and 2 halfsisters out of poverty.
When she became 15, she enrolled in a moddeling academy, and by the age of 17 she had settled in Paris. Nowadays, she's a model and philanthropist.. But she didnt retire yet..At the age of 28, she still does covers!
She recently did the Vogue cover for june, in vogue china.

She recently did a shoot for Etam.[ www.etam.com ]
They perfectly get the flower trend.. My favourite is the red dress..
I really wanna have that one for the summer!

I love the way she always looks with a certain dignity into the camera.. She is classy, but not oldfashioned. Her beautifull blue eyes.. i think she is very pretty!
What do you think about Natalia Vodianova?


dinsdag 12 april 2011

Say it's true-ue-ue as a bunny

YESS! This summer , the floral trend is back.
little flowers everywere! On sunglasses, on skirts, even on jeansshorts and shoes..
It's a little bit hippie, a little bit bohemian, but in every different collor.
Where to buy? Asos, H &M, Primark, New Look, and every other fashionable store hihi (:
I bought my dress at H& M, for only 9,95 euros. Look at the little knitted detail! It was a bit cold the day i wore it, so i added a big grey knitted piece, which i stole from my moms closet.
Do you love it as much as i do?

Do you own much flower pieces in your wardrobe?