zondag 8 mei 2011

Keep on shining

If you talk about the prettiest girls in the world,you can include the lovely Russian model Natalia Vodianova.
Natalia Vodianova, used to be a poor girl who sold fruit at the market, to get her mother and 2 halfsisters out of poverty.
When she became 15, she enrolled in a moddeling academy, and by the age of 17 she had settled in Paris. Nowadays, she's a model and philanthropist.. But she didnt retire yet..At the age of 28, she still does covers!
She recently did the Vogue cover for june, in vogue china.

She recently did a shoot for Etam.[ www.etam.com ]
They perfectly get the flower trend.. My favourite is the red dress..
I really wanna have that one for the summer!

I love the way she always looks with a certain dignity into the camera.. She is classy, but not oldfashioned. Her beautifull blue eyes.. i think she is very pretty!
What do you think about Natalia Vodianova?