vrijdag 25 februari 2011

all you need is.. SHOCK?!

When you are famous, you have a hard life. Look at lady gaga. Every single ti
me, she needs something to shock. Because apparently, she can't live without shock..
I mean, she already wore flesh, came out an egg, and rid a rubber ducky.
Well this time, she just wanted a little less i gues.. In the meaning of less clothes.
For the magazine Supreme, Gaga did a nude shoot. Supreme magazine already cooperated with P. Diddy, Mike Posner, and pornstar Tera Patrick.
Well, i think Gaga always finds a way too shock. Actually, it didnt even suprise me when i readed this on the internet.. I guess she reaaaly loves attention.
Though i do think she is awesome in some weird kind off way.. She isn't afraid to do her own thing. But how far would she take it to be in the spotlights?

Dont like Gaga.. Take a piss? :O

So what do you guys think of Lady Gaga? And especially from this shoot?

woensdag 23 februari 2011

Entering a fairy world..

They will never cheat on you.
They give you the right feeling
They aren't here to play
They are here to stay.

With the right shoes, a girl can conquer the world..
Who needs boys?

My favourite shoes i found on
the internet. What do you think? (:

zondag 20 februari 2011

Is there something in your eye? Oh waite, it's just a sparkle..

hello cutiess
How was your valentines day? Mine was kinda good.. i got 13 roses!
though it was a little sad, cus 10 were from one boy who suprisingly had a crush on me.. Unforunately i don't really have a crush on him.It was really funny. On our school we always have a rose-action. You can send roses to whoever u want, as long as you know the name and the class. Than u can send a form with 2 euro's to the school organisation, and your crush or bff gets a rose on valentine's day.
So, on the day itself, they come in the classrooms to deliver. Well, they first said my name:'Chantal, you get .. 11 roses!' Everyone was like OMG, especially my bff Marrit. Then they continued:'Marrit, you get.. 12 roses!'
Oh, you should have seen her face. That moment was just awesome.. She never expected that much. After that we both got 2 more from a friend. (:

Soo.. did u guys get something nice on valentine's day? Or do something with your boy or girlfriend?


Shorts: New Yorker
Shoes: Primark
Tights: H& M
Blazer: Vintage
Lace Shirt: Vintage

zondag 13 februari 2011

Oh, I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug 10 people at a time!

Once upon a time.. in a street full of stores, i saw the collors red and pink. Hmm why? i was wondering. But than i recognised, it's almost the 14th of February. Actually, that day is tomorrow.

Valentine's Day. I think you either love it orhate it. I think it's a nice and cute day, but a bit overrated. Why should every guy give the girl he loves a rose on Valentine's Day? I think it's nicer to get one when it's totally unexpected.. well we'll see if we get one..

What do u guys think of Valentine's Day? Cute? Overrated? Special?
And what is the most special thing u ever got from a boy? [ and if u are a boy, a girl]

Oh and sorry i haven't blogged much lately. I've been busy with school! There will be outfit uploads soon i promise!