zondag 16 januari 2011

dude.. where are your eyebrows?

Eyebrows are part of fashion thesedays. Few years ago, they should be super thin. The fall after that, they should be thicker, and fuller. But these years, what do the eyebrows look like?
Ehh well.. Are there still eyebrows?

This is Erin from ANTM.. In my country the season with her is still on TV. In her make over, Tyra died her hair from brown to blond, and also let her eyebrows dissapear. She didn't shave them off though, no, just died them blond.
Also on Vogue we saw a few times eyebrowless persons. Here the German Vogue..

And, did u notice that it is not an age- thing? The younger models are in, the older fashionable persons are also in.Agyness Dean did, Linda Evangelista, and even Kim Kardashian for a photoshoot! Kristen McMenamy, now 45 years old, died her eyebrows so that u can't even see them any more. And if that isnt still enough, it was all over the runways in 2009. Nowadays, we still see it appear on the runways. Take a look at Alexander McQueen

No eyebrows at Givenchy

I was just wondering after seeing ANTM.
Do you guys know any person who died their eyebrows that light?
And than i don't mean models, but just any other person ,
maybe from your town or neigbourhood.
Well, i think i´m gonna keep my eyebrows,
though i do think it looks very good on Erin.

Do you think it's pretty, do u wanna die yours?


dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Why you had to go and turn to ice?

Boys get dressed better everyday.
When I was little, boys just dressed
because they had too. These days I
see more and more boys getting
dressed better and better..
Well, i think it's awesome.
Boys dress to impress!

What do you think about
the fashion of boys these days?


source: lookbook
the facehunter
the sartorialist