dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Why you had to go and turn to ice?

Boys get dressed better everyday.
When I was little, boys just dressed
because they had too. These days I
see more and more boys getting
dressed better and better..
Well, i think it's awesome.
Boys dress to impress!

What do you think about
the fashion of boys these days?


source: lookbook
the facehunter
the sartorialist

20 opmerkingen:

  1. great pictures
    love the hats of the first photo!

  2. thanks
    I love well dressed boys!!
    I wish there would be more :D
    lovely pictures!


  3. I wish guys at my school dressed like that<3

  4. Ik zie inderdaad ook steeds meer goed geklede mannen. Ik vind het ook belangrijk dat iemand, man of vrouw, er mooi en verzorgd uitziet, dus ik ben blij dat jongens daar ook steeds meer aan denken.

  5. I have to say that boys know how to give the girls a run for their money.

  6. i follow you! can u follow my blog back. ? kisses:)

  7. Your blog looks so cute. Thank you! ;-)

  8. I completely agree! My favorites are 5 and 6.

    ps thanks for the comment.


  9. i see boys putting more effort into what they wear...well everyone except my husband :)

  10. everyone of these outfits is stunning. love when guys put effort into what theyre wearing!

  11. i agree 85%. the guy i like was wearing a sweater, board shorts and thongs. then you look closer to the ribbed cotton sweater and it's A|X - armani, the board shorts aren't all weird patterned, just block coloured, and thongs because we were on a boat. however i also have all these friends who traipse around with their canvas bags, random pants and weird t-shirts. if only. but hey, we're all 15/16, so i'm still waiting on it.

    hope you can:

    send something to salvador (:
    http://dearsalvador.blogspot.com [new blog]

    or just come by the moonchild's:

    rena. (:

  12. I love men's fashion! I often find style is the most important thing in a guy, it often makes me fall for them!

  13. ghaha, unfortunately my dad still doesn't belong to the well dressed men section x) His old addidas trainers seems to have grown onto his legs! x

  14. I totally agree! In fact, I am starting my mens line for that specific purpose, because I want to hep them in their quest..making men good-dressers a norm and not the exception! Thanks for passing by The Wardrobe Stylist.

  15. Oh how I love a good dressed boy. Your blog background is real pretty.

    Helen, X


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