vrijdag 25 maart 2011

DIY- Project :D

Once upon a time, on a cold afternoon... i felt bored. hmmmzz.. what should i do? learning for school AGAIN? NO. Let's think.. My friends are stil in school, and i don't wanna go chatting on msn again. * IDEA!* let's buy some white cheap shoes!

That was the start of my upcomming idea. I have been painting shoes before, but this time i wanted them to become more summer-ish.

I buyed some cheap white shoes of scapino , and started to paint them one color. Hmm which color should it be?

I started mix these collors: brown, red, and white with glitter. It turned out a little like salmon.

At the same time, i was listening to Skillet on my mp3-player, so i added a few lines off skillet on the shoes. Then i mixed some collors for the flowers and..

Anyway, i had a fun time, and this
became the result... Do you like?