dinsdag 12 april 2011

Say it's true-ue-ue as a bunny

YESS! This summer , the floral trend is back.
little flowers everywere! On sunglasses, on skirts, even on jeansshorts and shoes..
It's a little bit hippie, a little bit bohemian, but in every different collor.
Where to buy? Asos, H &M, Primark, New Look, and every other fashionable store hihi (:
I bought my dress at H& M, for only 9,95 euros. Look at the little knitted detail! It was a bit cold the day i wore it, so i added a big grey knitted piece, which i stole from my moms closet.
Do you love it as much as i do?

Do you own much flower pieces in your wardrobe?

woensdag 6 april 2011

Did the sun just come out or did you smile at me?

OHH I LOVE THE SUN! finally, it's 18 degrees here. I know, that's not that much, but after all that cold weather, i was sooo happy it finally became more summer-ish. No, it ain't summer yet. But hey, who cares? Let's buy summer clothes!
Must haves: - a straw hat, or a huge white one haha, or any other hat u like..
I personally love this trend, cus i think hats are awesome (: i have 4 hats now, and like to vary them to every outfit..
- pretty heels, i picked some orange ones. they are multifuntional.. wearable with some white outfit and some classier, wearable with many other colors for some colorblocking, and wearable on queensday haha !
- big rings... not the black and silver ones for the winter, but some fresh, flower-ish ones for summer! here you can see mine (:

my strawhat H &M 9,95

my high heels H &M 29,95

my rings; flower one: 4,95 kruidvat, brown one: 4.95 H &M

in the garden..

huge white hat V &D

Soo do u guys like hats?
Which one are u gonna wear this summer?