dinsdag 28 juni 2011

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

hit me with lightning

Oh it is so long ago that i posted something. im sorry guyss!
School really consumed all my time. But finally.. vacation!
So i went out in the sun, in my new maxi skirt, what u think?
Mine is from H& M . It really is a relief, this long skirt.
You do not have to worry anymore about what you sometimes have with short skirts, these long version does not show your underwear.
It is very comfy.
The big hat was not intended, but my mom actually made me wear it xd

Here some examples of these maxi skirts i really like
(: i do not own any of these pictures

I really love this one, the see-through maxi skirt. It looks so romantic, and classy, but with a little punk, edgyness in it. Oh i wanna have her skirt.

So do you like maxi-skirts? Do you have one?
What's your favorite picture?