dinsdag 30 november 2010

When the light hits your eyes

Today i went to my fathers room, sneaking in his closet. Then i found an awesome blazer he never wears! It only was waaaaaaay to big, but who cares. I grabbed an belt, and wore it :) Then i grabbed my favorite vintage hat. It used to be from my mothers grandpa, so its real vintage. The scarf, is actually from my mum. Yeah i know, i steal everyones clothes haha. But the pants and the shoes are really mine hahaha! My mum doenst like that i steal her clothes sometimes XD because i have way more clothes then her, and she doenst want too miss anything of herself. but that;s just mean , how else could i get different combinations?

I also like the scarf, because it's so detailled. It is a very long one, but so sophisticated. And i really like the collor. It's a pitty that i didnt buy one myself when they were still in the store, but hey, i can always borrow hers..

Jacket: vintage
Hat: vintage
Belt: vintage
Pants: coolcat
Shoes: sacha
Bracelets: H &M

Anyway, i had fun.
how about you?

zaterdag 27 november 2010

Stop the car and take me home

When i got up, i immediately had a cold. How could that happen? Well, i looked out of my window, and i practically saw a white world! Snow!
Well, i hate winter. I love summer so much more. But this white landscape was so fairytale-ish. So i grabbed some clothes, and went outside.. This are some pictures of my outfit and the snow (:

me in my backyard (:

Shoes: Sacha
Stregging: Coolcat
Bag: Cloƫ
Coat: Reset

donderdag 25 november 2010

why fly when you can walk?

so saturday i went to the museum. There was a fashion exposition, about very old fabrics. The name in Dutch was 'Vergeten Stoffen'. I didnt really know what to expect, but when we arrived there it was so much fun. I have like, a shoe addiction, so i already hoped there were some shoes. When we followed a guide, i immediately saw the only pair of shoes there were..

Haha they look so old hey? The guide told us they were made to protect the shoes, if the manual workers went to their jobs. Especially farmers wore them. These shoes are really a part of history themselves.
There were also these cool jackets.
I would really wear them today. Especially the most right one. With some black skinny jeans, a pair of fashionable heels, and maybe a big scarf to dress it down a bit. But unfortunately, they were not sold..
Than some woman heard i wanna go to Fashion School after my general secundairy higher education. She wrote my number down, and said that maybe i could help with the styling someday :D oh my god that would be awesome!

woensdag 24 november 2010

from a little spark may burst a flame

soo today i was like totally dressing up. I had this thing on school, and i wished i would look perfect. After wishing, what did my eyes see? There was a hole in my panty! Just my luck. But than i saw scissors and thought, hey, it's damaged anyway. So i started to work with my scissors, and after adding more holes, i liked it anyway (:

Anyway, i had fun today (: you?