zaterdag 27 november 2010

Stop the car and take me home

When i got up, i immediately had a cold. How could that happen? Well, i looked out of my window, and i practically saw a white world! Snow!
Well, i hate winter. I love summer so much more. But this white landscape was so fairytale-ish. So i grabbed some clothes, and went outside.. This are some pictures of my outfit and the snow (:

me in my backyard (:

Shoes: Sacha
Stregging: Coolcat
Bag: Cloë
Coat: Reset

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I prefer summer, too!
    ...but the whit landscape it's amazing.
    Cute ooutfit!
    you look adorable in black

  2. thanks for your comment!!!yes, I love it too;)

  3. Love it definitely following!
    Hope visit again soon.


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