dinsdag 30 november 2010

When the light hits your eyes

Today i went to my fathers room, sneaking in his closet. Then i found an awesome blazer he never wears! It only was waaaaaaay to big, but who cares. I grabbed an belt, and wore it :) Then i grabbed my favorite vintage hat. It used to be from my mothers grandpa, so its real vintage. The scarf, is actually from my mum. Yeah i know, i steal everyones clothes haha. But the pants and the shoes are really mine hahaha! My mum doenst like that i steal her clothes sometimes XD because i have way more clothes then her, and she doenst want too miss anything of herself. but that;s just mean , how else could i get different combinations?

I also like the scarf, because it's so detailled. It is a very long one, but so sophisticated. And i really like the collor. It's a pitty that i didnt buy one myself when they were still in the store, but hey, i can always borrow hers..

Jacket: vintage
Hat: vintage
Belt: vintage
Pants: coolcat
Shoes: sacha
Bracelets: H &M

Anyway, i had fun.
how about you?

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  1. THANKS FOR YOUR LOVELY COMM!! I really love your outfit :) And the hat is gorgeus I will follow you baby, becous I can see that you are new in this.. What about following my back?? I hope YES


  2. Wow thank you for following me, I really really appreciate that! <3

    Very nice scarve btw!

  3. The scarf is gorgeous!



  4. Your dad did good! lol Goos discoveries!


  5. Love the look<3 gonna follow you! x

  6. My mom doesn't like it much, either! She's always saying that I have enough clothes, that she can't have anything her own... Haha, mom's never get it! ;)


  7. I love your scarf! It is so pretty



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