woensdag 1 december 2010

My love is, just waiting, to turn your tears into roses

Well, we all have the feeling. You just got paid, and you feel the ritchest woman of the world. Then you check the beautifullest designer outfits, and there goes the feeling.. Will i ever be able to affort this?

Cute little balenciaga dress of 2009 (: It's not the newest, and i don't exactly know what it is in this outfit what i love, but i love it!

these lovely marc jacobs sunglasses, with little bows on the sides! i'm a bow addict haha (:

this beautiful hermes bag, i love the texture of it! the fethers in combination with the gold, and the white, it's amazing!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE jeffery campbell shoes. The heels are soo high mostly, but i love them. I saw them for the first at www.fashiontoast.com , worn by rumi neely, where they looked so good!

I would totally have this amazing burberry prosum trenchcoat. I love the way the sleeves are total eye-catchers, and i love the soft, sweet color.

the beautifull lanvin outfits

Omg i totally love Rick Owens! he creates the beautifullest things. I always look at his fashionshows online. I hope one day, i will be there front row too. (:
Anyway, i think these shoes look so amazing!
So, what would you buy if you were that ritch? (:

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  1. Ooh die schoenen van Jeffery Campbell zijn gewoon prachtig! Ik ga je maar eens volgen xxx

  2. Thanks dear for your comment!! I love your blog!

    Follow me if you're interested!

  3. love every single piece you posted <3


  4. Looove that balenciaga dress and jeffrey Campbell shoesss!!!I'll follow you if you follow me back!!xx


  5. I LOVE jeffery campbell shoes !!!!
    great that balenciaga dress.
    I'm a new follower:)))))


  6. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  7. I love the sunglasses and the bag.
    So bloody fabulous !

  8. I love browsing for clothes I can't afford haha!
    The Balenciaga is gorgeous!


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