dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Who is frank?

Last week at the Amsterdam International Fashion week, there was a new fashion brand introduced. All dutchies and important people heared the name 'Frank'.
They only heared it was gonna be the most promissing new brand, a must-see.
So all the rich, glamour people gathered, to watch this new show, expecting something very unique, especially with a high price.

The show starts, Dutch models come out, pretty outfits, nothing very outstanding though, except the last outfit...
The last outfit, definitely a showstopper, is a pretty long white dress.
The model walks all down the runway, and stoppes. Two emblems on her dress become visible, saying... ZEEMAN!

For the Not-Dutchies under us, Zeeman is the cheapest store in the whole country. Nobody buys clothes there, cus it are prices like H&m with sale, but then the clothes are mostly way uglier.

So all the rich people are so shocked. Only 7 people who made the brand know of the ultimate goal, namely, they wanted to show that fashion doesn't have to be expensive, to be fashion.

Here u can see a little movie of 'the making of' and the shocked faces in the end, and shocked everyone saying: ZEEMAN?!

Here some more pictures of the clothes. What do you think. Does it look like a cheap brand or a promising new designer?


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  1. wow that was awesome! They all look shocked. Its true though, fashion does not have to be expensive.

  2. This is really cute!

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  3. great collection
    love it


  4. That is so awesome - they are baffled;)
    Expensive or not - that is the question??
    Thanks for coming to see me xox

  5. Cool looks!


  6. Love this post, what a brilliant idea!
    Just shows you can have fabulous clothes on the catwalk that doesn't break your budget!
    Love your blog?
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Abigail x

  7. thanks for sharing! very nice.


  8. nice nice

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