donderdag 24 november 2011

Release me

What if the primark didn't exist. Seriously. It's such an release. I'm a student now, and to be honest, i don't have that much money. So primark saves me every time if i wanna buy some new clothes.
With their everlasting bargains, their common fashion sense, and their to-drool-over heels, how can humans possibly get bored?
Last time i went there, i bought this skirt, for only 3 euro's ! i thought the price tag was lying, but when i came at the cash desk they really only asked for 3. AWESOME!
I also bought these pink feathered earrings i really like..
Tell me what u think! (:

Sorry for the crappy quality. I don't know what's wrong with my camera today..
The last two pics are the the real collors of the skirt.. Stupid camera.

Today i was walking with this outfit on, through the hallways of university. Then some girl asked me if she please could take a photograph for her fashionblog cus i was looking 'so nice'.
So i was not only blinding innocent people with these bright collors, i was also enjoying them.. Well good to know! Thankyou miss Deedee!

How do you guys feel about collors? Because i kind off have the feeling that they're so rare these days. Lately i was walking through the school and all i saw was black, grey, and other dark collors. I mean, everyone has it's off days.. But do you have to wear black all the time? I would get mental!
Well, please leave so comments and tell me what u think (:

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  1. don't like primark at all but the stuff you got is amazing!! :)
    xxx love

  2. I love those shearling collared boots!
    Totally cute :D
    Happy thanksgiving hun!

  3. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  4. OH yeah..collars are a MUST HAVE now!!!
    Interesting post :)

  5. Thank you so much for your comments! I wish we had Primark in the US! I hope you visit my blog again :) xoxo


  7. The camera really loooooooooooves ya! its only a matter of time when u get scouted by a maybeline-ish kinda thingy! just love le outfit c'est trop beau!

    u still know how to dress and how to impress the ladies ;)

    much love and kisses Metranus®

  8. You look gorgeous, beautiful skirt <3

  9. We don't have Primark here in the States. :(

    Missing Amsie Blog

  10. Great student shopping. You look great. Xxxx

  11. loooovely earrings :)

  12. You look so cute ! I think Primark rocks and hope it opens also here in Italy. Today is the last day to enter my Chanel & Too Faced Giveaway ! Why don't you join ? :)

    Fashion and Cookies
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  13. Hai Hai,

    Thnx voor je reactie. Daardoor heb ik toch nog een item kunnen maken. Hier is de link


  14. oh i wish we had a primark in Canada those boots are so so cute!!!

  15. Thanks! Happy 2012 too! xx


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