dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Take a break from reality

I was just walking with some friends. We were having fun, and having a cold. We decided to go inside.. Eat something in the city. So we were finally sitting at some nice place.. Having lunch at a table next to the window.. And than what?

H&M skirt

Now you're probably thinking something like.. In snow, i don't wear clothes like that. Well, couldn't be more true. It's just that i hate snow. Well that's not completely true, but i dont like freezing red noses, frozen legs, when my boyfriend isn't around.
Though when i was walking true the city, i was pretty amazed how pretty snow could be. The fresh snow falling down on the houses, the streets, covering everything in it's powderness. It's lika a fairytale, so pretty.

But i don't like the cold. So that's why i'm already looking forward too the summer. So when i went to work, i was kind off early.. Hmm.. H&M around the corner.. Let's take a quick look..

Peeptoe's www.nelly.com

H&M necklace

So i bought this skirt. It was kind of a bargain.. And has the perfect shape. I really like it. And the necklace is just made for that skirt. Perfect. The shoes i ordered online at nelly.com.

my summer wall

If it's that grey weather, when it's not snowing, i always get a little down. Like, where did the sun go? When will it be summer? Than i just really desire summer.. So that's why i made this wall. It's in my room. It is a wall full of cards from allover the world. I wish i've been there. But it are cards form friends, relatives, and other people who send it to me. I just really look forward to summer, hot temperatures and laying on the beach whenever i watch that card wall..
Do you guys already have a lot for the upcomming summer? Or is it already summer in your country? Tell me what u think of my outfit (: