vrijdag 30 december 2011

He's no lady!

picture by Armin Morbach

While i was walking down the street, i noticed something. There, at the busstation, hung a beautiful poster. Representing for HEMA, a gorgeous girl was showing an outfit. While i was walking , and got closer, i read the name under it.. Andrej Pejic? That's no girl!

Andrej Pejic is an androgyn guy. Androgens don't feel like only woman, or only men. They stay in the middle of it. For example this beautiful man i saw on the poster. He's one of the most famous international fashion models these days. Andrej Pejic is a man, and walked some fashion shows for men-fashion shows, (for example Jean Paul Gaultier), and also for womans collections.

So lately he has been seen in the Netherlands, for HEMA. That kinda surprised me, because it isn't a store where much people buy fashion. It's more a cheap store, with all kinds of goods. From food till home requirements till clothes.

In the advertisement Andrej Pejic shows the 'mega push-up bra'. Because Andrej Pejic is still a guy, i found it a little weird. Because on the posters and pictures Andrej Pejic has boobs! So this really must be a wonder bra.. from zero to.. a B or C cup?

I putted the naked picture in it.. so u can compare. Im still mindblowed.
I think Andrej Pejic defines real beauty. He just works with what he has, and seems happy with that.He's not afraid of being him. I really respect that..

Here some pictures, first his manly side..

Apropos, spring-summer 2010

Martyn bal, fall/winter 2010 by Richard Stow

But who says men can't dress better than woman? To give the world some prove, ill show you a few pictures from a few shoots this stunner did..

Im totally in love with this last look.. The theatrale dress, in combination with those killer heels, perfect!

I think it´s beautiful how he changes his face expression. In the men pictures, he really gives it a boyish look. Meantime, in the female pictures he totally works his feminine side.. Gorgeous!
So what do you think of Andrej Pejic?

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  1. He looks absolutely gorgeous being a girl. What I wondered is about his legs.. they're so femenine! it's weird. But beautiful as well :)
    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. oh i think its a little bit weird.... :D So follow u now :)

  3. Thanks I like your layout! Happy New Year :)

  4. I think he is the most beautiful guy on earth ^-^
    Love him!
    I wisch you a happy new year too! :)

  5. These photos did have a lot a people talking about if it is ok for a man to advertise bras for women.

  6. Wow he's beautiful!!



  7. Wow that's crazy, I would have never thought it was a guy in these pictures!!


  8. love the coat with the plaid shirt!

  9. Happy New Year!!!! Love your blog, check mine we could follow each other!!! xoxo from Rome


  10. He really looks like a guy! so crazy:)

  11. She's gorgeous...

    Thanks for your sweet comment, i started following you, hope you'll fllow me back... xoxo from Rome


  12. Really interesting article! Great model!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, glad you like my dress!

    Happy New Year, I hope you'll stop by again soon!

    Amelia @ Ugly Duckling x


  13. I LOVE HIM !!!!
    he is such a great model - just WOW !!


  14. thank you for your comment :)
    I like thouse pics :)

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  16. I've never heard of him, but now I am glad I have! He sounds really inspiring and his pictures are just amazing, dang. I really like that last one, too!

  17. wow that is so crazy - I definitely would not have realized he was a man!

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. happy new year :)

    your newest follower michelle

  19. Great photos, love your blog!

    Hope you had a wonderful new year my dear!

  20. Hi Chantal! Andrej Pejic's name has been really big lately because he's androgynous. He looks amazing in the first picture you posted which you saw at the bus station. I think it's great that he can pull off looking like a gorgeous woman so well and I think he was the perfect model for the push up bra - I mean, if it works for him, it'll work for anyone right?! And thanks for dropping by at my blog to say hi - I really appreciate it and hope to see you back soon x

  21. wowh how amazing!
    shall we follow each other?

  22. this is amazing!!

    Curious what you think of my outfit!X

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