maandag 3 oktober 2011

land of the stupid, home of the brave

Hey everyone! Sorry that it has been so long ago that i posted something..
Pff i just started studying on a new school, and its so hectic, crowdy, noisy, new, interesting, and busy.Well, the studying is just waaay too much. I also
moved in to another city, and have my own space now. Though i do really miss my family sometimes, especially my little sister. I live in a house with 3 girls now, and thats always cozy. Ill take some pictures of my new room later, i think it became really pretty after the painting and fixing (:

The new school is just about lots of homework, presentations, 2 meter thick books, and a school where u can walk hours before u find the classes.
But i like the study, so we ll see what happens..
So i hope that i can find time in the near weeks, so that
i can post something fun or interesting here again, and till then
u have to be satisfied with this lookbook picture (: