zaterdag 9 april 2011

Infect me with your love, and fill me with your poison

Katy Perry recently released a new song with video. It's called E.T., and also sung by Kanye West.
What we see in the video, is a futuristic looking area. Kanye West starts by travelling trough space. We see an alien turning in to Katy, in beautifull dresses.
First a beautiful theatrale pink one,

after that... VIKTOR EN ROLF!
These Dutch designers made a dress for this video, which wasn't easy to wear. The dress namely, was 23 kilo's! And despite that, she still moves so gracious!

Her weird looking , which i think beautifully done, make-up is applied so perfect. Here a picture of her make-up look which she wore with the pink dress.

Here the link of the song:
What do you think? You like the song?

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  1. awesome! I like the make up!

    Btw, I stumbled across your blog.. nice blog you have filled with beautiful pictures... and your beautiful!

    Btw, let's follow each other. I'm following you
    already. I'm your #61 follower. Followed me back?
    I will be happy if you do the same to me, too!

  2. not a huge fan of KP, but this so song is awesome!

  3. kinda love the makeup! awesome :) haven't seen the vid yet but now I probably should!


  4. Great song and video. I love her.

  5. I like how she wore the dress!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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